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Test Platform

Testing House of Mexico has areas specialized in different test platforms which are: Keysight 3070, Teradyne Test Station, Teradyne Spectrum, EZ4000, León ICT Tester, ASSET Boundary Scan. Read more

Analysis DFT

Consists of design techniques that add certainty to the characteristics of a Hardware test applied to the design of micro-electronics products. The results of this technique is to develop and implement manufacturing test more easily to the hardware design.

Testing House Mexico uses software technology to process your feasibility analysis estimating test coverage reliably.

We also incorporate DFT reports that are delivered prior to project development, thus contributing to a better definition of the test strategy together with our customers. For more information visit: >>

DFT process powered by

Customers training

We have specialized training for the various services we offer.
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Test Coverage Assestment

Analysis of existing test coverage to structure improvement plans with our customers at the level of coverage, reliability and repeatability of the tests.

Specialization and analysis in various test platforms.