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Letter from our Managing Director

This is a written idea that, with life, care and the work of everybody, will provide our company with the capacity to stay for the next generations of professionals and customers; as we serve each person and company of our society with passion and devotion, we aspire to the fair generation and distribution of the spiritual, intellectual and economic wealth that enable us to live in a worthy way and with a human approach. These main aspects are identified as the goals of the community of persons that form the big company called Testing House de México...Ver mas

Francisco Javier Vázquez Villaseñor.
Director General Testing House México


Our mission is to Creatively Engineer Sustainable and Innovative Test and Measurement Solutions for the Electronics Industry, as a means to produce happy customers!

We exist to creatively produce satisfied customers.


To lead the production of happy customers and be recognized as the benchmark for engineering sustainable and innovative test and measurements solutions for the electronics industry.

We´ll transform our customer´s expectatives on world class trustable innovative technologic solutions.


What is the meaning of values in TH? Team Work: Teamwork is cooperation and commitment among people to achieve common goals within a framework of respect and flexibility...Ver mas

We encourage our employees to bear in mind the values on which we base our success.

Leadership Model Testing House of Mexico

The different functions are exercised Testing House de Mexico and especially the policy involve diagnosis, decision and mando.Mando people as people and not as things , making it easier to run what should be done to do you have decided to get ; these three elements are essentially the directiva.En Testing House Mexico 's leadership role required of each employee and managements not only develop the ability to trust yourself and others. This confidence is achieved in being objective analysis actually express that thought about reality speaking the truth , then give way to the stage of action don think and behave like talking denote integrity of the contributor , generating the fundamental element of leadership : trust.

The leadership model discussed above is complemented by the four principles of leadership of the jesuits:

Technological Gestion Model Testing House of Mexico

The National Model Gestiónde Technology whose main purpose is promoting the development of Mexican organizations of any size order or for projecting an orderly at competitive manner world-class levels by managing explicit sustained sistemática.La technology and development activity technological innovation organizations strengthens and increases its importance as it is managed adecuada.Con technology management firms maximize their competitive advantage , based on its capacity for technological development and innovation , as well as in obtaining and systematic use of technological and organizational means to ello.La technology management consistency and gives organizational approach to technology development efforts , incorporation of distinctive technologies , and technological innovation that are performed to create, transform and deliver value customers and consumers.